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PLACEMAT - I CAN COUNT TO 10 personalized
  • PLACEMAT - I CAN COUNT TO 10 personalized


    This is a 10 pt laminated placemat. Use only washable markers (not dry erase). 


    Your child's name will be put on this placemat for them to trace along with numbers from 1 to 10, with instructions for the correct way to form them. Using Green as start, then Yellow and last Red. The Lynden Barn Kids are all over this mat encouraging your child to have fun while printing.


    FDK teachers want children to know how to count to 10. Understand more or less, simple addition and subtraction, patterns. Your child will learn how to show a number using manipulatives  (cheerios, cars etc.) and draw number amounts (tally, circles, dots etc.)


    You can have a second side printed with 1/ printing practice 2/ eye spy 3/ tracing