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Numeracy Placemat - jpeg and pdf
  • Numeracy Placemat - jpeg and pdf


    This placemat was made to print on 11 x 17" paper.

    (print it out, and laminate to use over and over again)

    Personalize this placemat or leave it blank. 

    I will send you this placemat as a JPEG and a PDF.
    Understand by purchasing, my art cannot be shared or sold.



    I CAN COUNT TO 10 
    Trace the numbers from 1 to 10
    following the instructions on how to 
    correctly form a number. Start at Green, 
    then Yellow and last Red. 

    Teachers want children to know how to 
    count and print to 10. Use this mat to teach 
    other math concepts like more or less, 
    simple addition & subtraction and patterns. 

    Your child will learn how to show a number 
    using manipulatives  (cheerios, cars etc.) 
    and draw number amounts (tally, circles, dots etc.)


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