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Canadian Lighthouse Wooden Flag
  • Canadian Lighthouse Wooden Flag


    Unique rustic distressed Canadian Lighthouse Wooden Flag wall art. The traditional Shou sugi ban technique was used to make this art piece out of knotty pine reclaimed wood. The Lighthouse is created with epoxy resin combined with various color pigments and additives to produce a blend of unique patterns and textures. The wood becomes part of the canvas as I paint your flag. Later I “RUSTIQUE” (Distressing and antiquing) your piece and add the handmade maple leaf. This one of a kind, unique wall art piece looks fantastic on any wall in any room of your home. 


    Traditional Shou Sugi Ban (焼杉板) is the art of preserving and finishing wood using fire. I use this traditional technique when using raw lumber. I will also torch surface after painting to add a vintage and rustic look. 

    Torch Shou Sugi Ban is the art of burning wood with fire to create controlled artistic configurations. I use this technique when working with treated new or reclaimed lumber. 


    Enjoy the character and beauty that comes with art made with reclaimed wood or treated outdoor wood. By buying art made from this wood you are doing your part for the environment. I do my best to ensure that all items are of the highest quality. You may find colour variations, nail holes, uneven paint lines, paint bleeding and stains due to the texture, porousness and age of the wood. All these imperfections should be expected as part of the

    Rustic Vintage Charm Lynden Barn is known for.


    Canada Flag 13x24 inch - Resin - Lighthouse - Canadian Burnt Wood Flag - Shou Sugi Ban- Rustic Home Decor - Wall Art Cabin Sign - Wooden 


    Postal Rates will vary. If your country is not listed here, message me and I will get you an exact rate and add your city and country to listing to make purchase easier. Thank You