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Baby Pacifier Clips & Teethers
  • Baby Pacifier Clips & Teethers


    Discover our vibrant range of silicone baby pacifier clips, available in a myriad of colors. Choose from our selection or unleash your creativity by creating your own unique color combination using our color palette.


    Crafted from beech wood, our baby teethers offer a naturally safe option for your little one to explore with their mouth. Beech wood has been scientifically proven to exhibit one of the highest decreases in bacterial titre among woods.


    Take advantage of our clearance silicone teethers while stocks last. Our pacifier clips serve a dual purpose, transitioning seamlessly from a baby soother to a teether. Constructed from food-grade silicone beads, each clip is meticulously knotted and melted in place for utmost safety.


    However, it's crucial to adhere to safety guidelines: always supervise your child when using pacifiers, clips, or teethers, as small components can pose choking hazards. Never leave your child unattended with beads or any other products. Remember, cords, clasps, and stainless steel clip parts are not designed to be chewed.



    Pacifier Clips - let me know what NUMBER you would like from photo above OR have a look at my colour chart and let me know the colours you would like. I will custom make you a pacifier Clip for no extra charge. $14


    Baby Teether Beech wood - Just let me know what design you would like. If you purchase a teether on its own it will be $14, but if you purchase a Pacifier clip and a teether together it will be $25.


    Baby Teether Beech wood Ring - is $14 on its own, but if you purchase Pacifier clip and a ring teether together it will be $20


    Clearance Teethers - are $14 on their own, but if you purchase a Pacifier clip and a clearance teether together it will be $21. Please let me know what teether you would like.



    Pick-up and mail anywhere in Canada is FREE


    I will quote you anywhere else in the world.


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